Project Plan

Milestone 1.0.0

Minimal features. Shows proof of concept for an Eclipse-based HDL development system.

  • Create a new project to edit Verilog files
  • Simulate a design using Cver
  • View design structure
  • Trace data on signals in the design
  • Show signal data in the wave view

Milestone 1.0.1

  • Install enhancements - Version 1.0.0 required the user to build IVI from source. Version 1.0.1 adds enough install support that the user can use Eclipse's update mechanism to install IVI for supported platforms (Linux only, at this time).

  • Language/Toolchain Definition - IVI will, over time, support several HDL languages (Verilog, VHDL, possibly SystemC) and potentially more than one simulator per language.

Release 1.0.1 will define a first version of what must be provided to support a language and simulator in IVI.

Milestone 1.0.2

  • Bug Fixes
    • 1217365 - Remove IVI launch from 'Run' category
    • 1218476 - Cant create a new project using the project wizard

  • Waveview Enhancements
    • Define data-format for waveview-format file. The format file defines what traces, and other elements are displayed on the waveview, and the way in which they are displayed (radix, etc)

  • Provide more 'regular' mechanisms for creating new wave views

  • Continue work on integration APIs
    • More closely define data a trace must provide and what its capabilities are
    • Define a control interface to the waveview

  • Support external wave-data files
    • define Eclipse extension points for describing filters
    • define API for filters
    • provide one or two example filters

  • (Potential) Create a native wave format for IVI. IVI's wave format would be a 'rich' format - a superset of formats like VCD

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