IVI is a graphical front-end for various simulators. IVI allows the user to control simulation and view signal waveforms as the data is produced by the simulation.

IVI stresses an interactive approach to design testing and debugging

  • Signal waveforms may be examined during simulation
  • Signals may be added to the waveform at any point during simulation

  • Multiple wave-data files may be open at a time
  • The simulation may be restarted after the design is recompiled, preserving traced signals and waveform-window configuration

  • Simulation operations can be automated using the TCL scripting language

IVI is transitioning from a standalone Tcl-based application to a set of plugins running in the Eclipse framework. IVI-Eclipse does not have feature-parity with the Tcl-based IVI. See the development plan for the rollout schedule of features.

Why Eclipse?

Eclipse is a plugin-based application framework created by IBM and released under an open-source license. Eclipse provides many features and methodologies that are helpful in creating a project-centric application. Eclipse provides a project model, frameworks for editors, viewers, and documentation, and a plugin-based extension system. In short, many of the core features that IVI needs, but are not specific to IVI. Reusing these features from Eclipse allows me to concentrate my efforts on developing IVI-specific features.

IVI-Eclipse Features

  • Simulator Support

  • Platform Support
    • Linux

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